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Adidas League Football Ball Net Bag

Adidas League Football Ball Net Bag

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The Adidas League Football Ball net is a practical and convenient accessory for soccer teams and players. Designed to hold multiple soccer balls, this ball net ensures easy transport and storage of equipment to and from the field. Constructed with durable materials, it provides secure containment for balls during travel, preventing loss or damage. The Adidas branding signifies its quality and reliability, reflecting the brand's commitment to excellence in sports equipment. Whether used for training sessions, matches, or recreational play, the Adidas League Football Ball net offers a convenient solution for organizing and transporting soccer balls, streamlining the logistical aspects of the game for players and coaches alike.

MATERIAL: 100% Recycled Polyester

LIFECYCLE: till Feb 2026

DIMENSIONS: W 50 CM / H 70 CM / D 50 CM

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