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Adidas Tiro 23 League Shorts

Adidas Tiro 23 League Shorts

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The Adidas Tiro 23 League Shorts are a testament to performance-driven design and comfort on the soccer pitch. Crafted with the demands of the game in mind, these shorts feature lightweight, breathable fabric that keeps players cool and focused throughout the match. The streamlined silhouette offers a modern look while allowing for maximum mobility and agility during intense play. With its moisture-wicking properties, the shorts help to keep sweat at bay, ensuring players stay dry and comfortable even during the most challenging moments. Whether for training sessions or competitive matches, the Adidas Tiro 23 League Shorts are a reliable choice for soccer enthusiasts seeking both style and functionality.

Available in Juniors & Adults.

FIT: Regular

MATERIAL: 100% Recycled Polyester

LIFECYCLE: till Feb 2026

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